Secondhand Book Scheme

Our secondhand book scheme is specifically designed so that students can recoup the maximum amount of money back. Typically you can expect to receive up to almost 60% of the original cost.

The way it works

  • You must have purchased your book from us in the first instance and have retained your till receipt.
  • You decide how much you would like to sell your book for. We take details of your UK bank account and transfer 70% of the re-sale price of the book once it has been sold.
  • We refund you 70% of the amount the book was sold for and keep 30% commission. In addition we will send you a text confirming that a refund is going into your bank account*
  • You may collect or alter the price of your book at any time.
  • If your book remains unsold or uncollected 18 months from the date you left it with us, we reserve the right to give it to charity.
  • We undertake to look after your book as we do our own. However, in the event of your book being stolen, we cannot be held responsible.

All secondhand books that remain unsold and uncollected for more than 18 months are sent to various developing countries in Africa to support their libraries and universities.

Handy tips

  • You are likely to get more money back for your book from us than by selling it on to another bookshop or on Amazon market place.
  • You can bring back any book you have bought from our shops. We don't refuse any titles provided you have your till receipt. This means you can bring in the secondhand books you may have already bought too.
  • You must have a UK bank account for us to be able to transfer money into your bank account. We are not allowed to refund credit or debit cards.