About our shops

Our bookshop is situtated in the Marylebone Road campus building.

  • Textbook pricing policy – Our books are priced according to publishers' recommended retail prices. However, we are often able to offer students a good deal where publishers give us extra discounts.

When visiting our shops, look out for:

  • Book Packs – for some modules where more than one book is needed we have negotiated special prices for students. Both books are sold together in a shrinkwrapped pack at a discount. Discounts vary but are usually around 10%.
  • Special Promotions – We often mount book promotions offering special prices. These promotions are often books that are for interest, not just those you need for study.

Check out other ways we can help you save money:

  • Secondhand Book Scheme – Don’t forget, if you buy any book from us and keep the till receipt you can bring the book back and we will try to re-sell it for you. For more information about the Secondhand Book Scheme, click here.