Charity work

ECAG project

Buy a book and help build a classroom in rural South Africa. Marylebone Books has for several years been supporting a self-help charity project based in Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa.

Sponsorship to date
Classrooms currently cost in the region of £9,000. The classrooms that have been funded so far are in:
• Mathibelana School (Primary)
• Mbatshazwa School (High School/Secondary)
• Mpumazi School (High School/Secondary)
• Ngilandela School (Primary)
• Majindi School (Primary)
The umbrella charity in this educational building programme is ECAG (Eshowe Community Action Group). Villages raise a deposit to build a classroom and ECAG finds a sponsor to provide the remaining monies required and liaises with government to provide teachers and some classroom equipment. Sadly, there are many more deposits than sponsors coming forward and so much work yet to be undertaken both in terms of bricks and mortar and basic sanitation.

One of the ways Marylebone Books raises money for ECAG is by selling secondhand books donated by students via our Secondhand Book Scheme.

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